The John Feinstein Show Weekly Rewind – 8/4-8/8

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Quin Snyder and Dante Exum (Credit: Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)

Quin Snyder and Dante Exum (Credit: Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)

RON BORGES – 8/4/14
Boston Herald sportswriter and Talk of Fame Network contributor

“I thought he was pretty good, (but) all the speeches went too long. They have a rule, supposedly, which is enforced about as often as the no-smoking-weed rule in the NFL. It’s 10 minutes per speech, and they were all about 28 minutes per speech. It made for a long night. It was like watching a Yankees/Red Sox game: guaranteed four hours, bring a sandwich.”

C.J. NITKOWSKI – 8/4/14
FOX Sports 1, MLB Network Radio, and CBS Sports Radio analyst

“I think Lackey probably gives the Cardinals the biggest boost. Not that he’s better than Lester – Lester is definitely the better pitcher – (but) the Oakland A’s are already really good, and their playoff destination is probably set. The St. Louis Cardinals are in kind of a dog fight in (the NL Central), and they have some issues with Michael Wacha being hurt. I think John Lackey was a tremendous pick-up for the Cardinals and will have a bigger effect on that team specifically than maybe Lester will on the A’s.”

BOB RYAN – 8/5/14
Boston Globe columnist

“But I do not foresee any major change. I think there’ll be specific circumstances (where) players will have to make decisions. Maybe they’re in between contracts (and) they would have to reconsider their participation. Stuff like that. But I don’t think this is going to change the whole process. It’s in motion. We’re going to continue to play in these competitions, and that’s that.”

RON DARLING – 8/6/14
MLB on TBS and SNY analyst 

“If you look at the roster, you’re thinking at some point Washington’s going to go on a 15-5 run and kind of let these teams know that 2015 is going to be the year for them. (But) I think the Mets have played real hard. I think they, like most teams, aspire to be a playoff team. I think with the two Wild Cards, it’s made a lot of teams feel like they’re in it.”

CBS and Golf Channel analyst

“He’s such a good soul. He’s had a great upbringing, and I’ve known his mom and dad forever. He’s every mother’s dream. Tiger was the greatest player I’d ever seen when he came out in ’97 and won the Masters by 12 shots, but Rory McIlroy now has three major championships – and the swing.”

QUIN SNYDER – 8/6/14
Utah Jazz head coach 

“He’s very, very good. The first time I saw Dante Exum play, I was in the airport waiting for a flight, and I looked up and Serbia was playing Australia at the U-19s, and I was like, ‘Okay, this guy’s fast.’ And then the next time I saw him was on tape and he was still fast. That speed, that gear and kind of the ease with which he accelerates and plays the game is really unique. And then you meet him and he’s just a quality young man. The accent kind of adds a little mystique to his persona. I think he’s a special kid.”

New York Yankees first baseman 

“There’s something special about putting on the pinstripes. You just expect to win. If you’re an average player, it maybe makes you a little bit above average. If you’re a good player, maybe it makes you a great player. There’s just something about playing at Yankee Stadium and having the expectations. Most guys thrive on (that pressure). The guys that I’ve played with here all love playing in New York. They enjoy the pressure. They enjoy being out there and having so many people that care about every single game.”

CLARK JUDGE – 8/7/14
NFL expert extraordinaire 

“People hang on to this Johnny Manziel/Brian Hoyer thing, and honestly, I don’t know what the fascination is there. Who’s going to start Game 1? I anticipate – because I was talking to some people there – that it’s probably going to be Hoyer, only because they think Manziel needs to learn. Now, if they’re close, yeah, they’ll probably put Manziel on the field, but Manziel is going to start sooner or later. We know that. So I don’t care who takes the first snaps tonight. I don’t care.”

Golf Channel analyst

“Because he has to lean his back so far back to compensate for the handle going so far forward, it pinches his lower back – and it will continue to do so. As long as he does this, he’s going to have recurring back problems, and they’re not going to stop.”

RAY RATTO – 8/8/14
CSN Bay Area columnist

“They get that what people who watch the NFL want is coverage of the league, and everything outside (of) that is not their concern. I mean, I’m not surprised that it was framed that way – because the NFL is such a cash cow for so many people that you can’t look to it for any moral guidance or anything else. It’s a football factory. And everything about it is based on the players and coaches and, to a very small extent, the executives. And anybody outside that circle doesn’t matter or is just part of the scenery.”

GREG NORMAN – 8/8/14
Hall of Famer and soon-to-be FOX Sports golf analyst 

“I have not spent a lot of time with him, but I am a big fan of his. I’ve let him know that on numerous occasions. I think he has the capability of carrying the baton for the game of golf because I truly believe he puts the game of gold ahead of everything else.”


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