Clark Judge: ‘Don’t Care Who Takes Browns First Snaps’

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(Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images)

(Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrined a wonderful class this past weekend, one that included Michael Strahan, Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones. It was a wonderful couple of days.

Aside from, well, the actual induction ceremony.

It’s not that ceremony wasn’t nice; it was. It’s not that the players weren’t grateful; they were. It’s that the damn thing went on for four-and-a-half hours.

Guys, come on. Shorter speeches, please.

“I do think something needs to be done, and I think something will be done,” NFL expert extraordinaire and Talk of Fame Network host Clark Judge said on The John Feinstein Show. “I wanted to hear from Michael Strahan, but you had to wait until after 11. I do think it’s unfair to everybody – viewers, other guests, people sitting up there on the stage, the Hall of Famers. Let’s make it short and quick. We know why you’re there. The whole weekend is terrific. I was out in Canton. It’s a great weekend. But that’s got to be curtailed.”

Hopefully it is.

In other NFL news, the preseason kicks off Thursday night, but it seems all anybody is focused on is what happens Saturday, when the Browns play the Lions in Detroit.

“People hang on to this Johnny Manziel/Brian Hoyer thing, and honestly, I don’t know what the fascination is there,” Judge said. “Who’s going to start Game 1? I anticipate – because I was talking to some people there – that it’s probably going to be Hoyer, only because they think Manziel needs to learn. Now, if they’re close, yeah, they’ll probably put Manziel on the field, but Manziel is going to start sooner or later. We know that. So I don’t care who takes the first snaps tonight. I don’t care.”

“I agree with Chip Kelly. The depth chart at this point, I really don’t care about it. (But Manziel/Hoyer is) the one that just won’t get away.”

Judge expects Hoyer to start Week 1 against Pittsburgh, but he doesn’t think Hoyer will have the job for long.

“Brian Hoyer’s not putting people in the seats; Johnny Manziel is,” Judge said. “People want to go there to see him. The minute Brian Hoyer throws an interception, they’re going to want (Manziel) on the field. It’s a very tough spot for (Hoyer) to be in.”

So why don’t the Browns just start Manziel right away?

“I think they want to keep Johnny Manziel off the field as long as possible to let him absorb stuff,” Judge said. “He’s not ready yet. They know it. But they’re going to have to put him on the field sooner or later. But you’re right. He’s not drafted to carry a clipboard. He’s drafted to be out there. I think we see him in the first two or three games. I don’t think he’s going to start the season.”

As for the defending Super Bowl champions, Judge sees another strong season from the Seahawks, but he doesn’t think they’ll be as dominant as they were last year. Seattle lost Brandon Browner (New England) and Chris Clemons (Jacksonville), among other free agents, and Marshawn Lynch is apparently not happy with his contract situation.

Judge sees Seattle taking a step backwards.

“I’m not talking about 7-9 backwards,” he said, “but I think the 49ers are better-prepared to win that division.”

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