Steve Kerr: ‘Knicks Job Is Not Available, It’s Embarrassing To Discuss It’

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(Credit: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

(Credit: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

After a light-hearted back-and-forth about Larry Brown, Louisville beating Rutgers by 61 and the upcoming NCAA Tournament, John Feinstein and Steve Kerr got a little serious.

But first, an NCAA Tournament question: Mr. Kerr, who are your four No. 1 seeds?

“Three of them are obvious,” the CBS and Turner Sports hoops analyst said on The John Feinstein Show, rattling off Wichita State, Florida and Arizona. “(As for the fourth), I think that’s what the rest of the conference tournaments are for.

“Virginia’s got a chance if they can win the ACC. I think Louisville, the way they’re playing – they keep destroying people by 50 points – I could see them sneaking in. Even Kansas – it’s hard to imagine (getting a 1-seed with) eight losses, but they’ve played a murderous schedule. If they win the Big 12, I think they have to be considered.”

Kerr left off Feinstein’s top choice for the fourth No. 1: Michigan.

“I agree with that,” Kerr said. “If Michigan wins (the Big Ten Tournament), they absolutely deserve consideration. They’re right in the mix for sure. They’re a good team.”

So, if it were entirely up to you, Steve, who’s that fourth No. 1?

“Not Virginia,” he said. “They haven’t played enough people. I’d probably go with Michigan or Kansas.”

Way to narrow it down to two.

“I’ll go with Kansas,” he said. “I like teams that play people. I hate these weak non-conference schedules.”

Eventually, Kerr discussed his future. He has said he would like to become a head coach in the NBA, and – with Phil Jackson possibly accepting a front-office job with the Knicks – rumors are swirling that Kerr will be coaching in New York in no time.

Kerr isn’t sure what to think about this.

“All of a sudden, my name’s out there,” he said. “On the one hand, it’s flattering. On the other hand, it’s very uncomfortable. Mike Woodson is the coach of the Knicks. That job is not even available, and it’s embarrassing to even discuss it.

“I was teammates with Mike years ago in Cleveland,” Kerr continued. “I’ve gotten to know him a little bit through broadcasting a lot of Knicks games. He’s a great guy. He’s done a hell of a job with the Knicks. Last year, they won 54 games. It’s hard to even talk about this stuff. That’s why I’ve tried to avoid it, but it’s inevitable I’m going to keep getting these questions.”

Kerr does not have much desire to be a general manager again, using Kevin McHale’s explanation as his own. When you’re a GM, you’re the target of constant complaining – a player about playing time, a coach about not having enough talent, or an agent about a contract.

It can be miserable.

Coaches, however, get to be on the floor with their players. They get to teach them and strategize with them and build relationships with them.

It’s more fulfilling.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of stress that comes with coaching as well, but the GM position is totally different,” Kerr said. “I don’t think you get the same satisfaction in terms of being on the floor with your players and really teaching and growing as a team and trying to help guys on the floor and trying to help guys mature. That all sounds very appealing, but you don’t get a lot (of it) in the GM position.”

Feinstein asked if Kerr would ever hire him as an assistant.

“Absolutely not,” Kerr said.

Good, Feinstein said. Now you have a chance to succeed.

“That’s what I figured,” Kerr said. “You’ve got to make the tough decisions, but you also have to make the easy ones.”

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