Charles Davis: ‘Oklahoma State Is Good Enough To Beat Baylor’

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(Credit: John Weast/Getty Images)

(Credit: John Weast/Getty Images)

After losing by two possessions to an abysmal West Virginia squad in September, a lot of us assumed we wouldn’t be hearing much from Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State for the rest of the season.

Since then, however, the Cowboys have won six straight games, including two blowout wins over ranked teams – 52-34 at No. 15 Texas Tech on Nov. 2 and 38-13 at No. 24 Texas on Nov. 16.

“They’ve gone below the radar, haven’t they?” FOX Sports college football analyst Charles Davis said on The John Feinstein Show. “The West Virginia loss earlier this year – and West Virginia was pretty abysmal at the time and still haven’t gotten a heck of a lot better – but at that time, we were wondering if West Virginia could really beat anyone.

“And when (Oklahoma State) rolled in there and they’re the preseason favorite in the Big 12 and they got beat, let’s face it. Across the country we just said, ‘Okay, we don’t have to talk about them anymore. We’re done.’ And we went away. And now is kind of like a re-discovering. It’s actually been fun for them. The only time we’ve even referred to them was the Sports Illustrated five-part piece. And frankly, that came and went pretty fast, too.”

Oklahoma State (9-1, 6-1) is now ranked tenth in the BCS. The Cowboys host No. 4 Baylor (9-0) this Saturday night in Stillwater.

“I saw them recently,” Davis said of the Cowboys. “They’re pretty good. I’ll try to be succinct on this one, guys. Oklahoma State is good enough to beat Baylor, especially at home. And an added (component) to it – and I’m not saying who’s going to win; I’m not saying this means Oklahoma State wins – but I think what’s working in their favor is that Baylor has now gotten so much attention, that it’s now gone from being the lovable Bears to being the team that should win. And for programs that haven’t dealt with that a lot – even with as even-keeled a coach like Art Briles, even with a guy who coaches with that chip on his shoulder – (it’s tough).

“He told me last week, ‘What I tell me guys all the time is forget all this backslapping. You walk around and every person slaps you on the back. You look at them like they’re going to talk about you behind your back as soon as they leave.’

“He wants them to keep their edge. Well, it’s hard to do on a college campus that’s excited about your team.”

A win would likely vault the Bears over Ohio State for the third spot in the BCS rankings, while a loss would eliminate them from national-title consideration.

Speaking of which, Oregon running back De’Anthony Thomas and wide receiver Josh Huff said that playing in the Rose Bowl this year would be disappointment. Thomas said “it’s not a big deal at all” and said playing in the game would be “whatever.”

“The Rose Bowl is always a goal, but let’s face it,” Davis said. “In this BCS era nowadays, you’re No.1 goal if you’re a program like Oregon is to get to the national championship game. And the sad part is the Rose Bowl seems like a consolation prize. And for all of us of our era, the Rose Bowl is not a consolation prize. So when you say that publicly, most of us recoil when we hear that.

“For kids to say this, it’s almost disrespectful. But the kids nowadays, they’ve been focused on (the) BCS. They’ve been focused on national championships.”

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